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Raspberry hot cross bun layer cake

With only 4 ingredients, this twist on an Easter classic will be a fan favourite.


· 9 Choc chip hot cross buns

· 600ml of thickened cream

· 3.5 tablespoons of icing sugar

· 2 punnets of YV Fresh Raspberries


1. Line a 20cm cake pan with baking paper

2. Cut each hot cross bun in half crossway

3. Place the 6 bottom halves of the hot cross bun (bases) into the base of the prepared pan

4. Place cream and icing sugar into a bowl and whip until soft peak consistent

5. Spoon the cream onto the buns that are already in the pan and then top with 4-6 raspberries per bun

6. Once all bases have cream and raspberries on them, arrange the bun tops on top

7. Place into the fridge and let the cake set for at least 3 hours

8. Remove cake from pan and ENJOY

TIP: For extra flavour, add some raspberry jam on top of the buns when serving. Our recipe for raspberry jam can be found here.


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