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Our Story

Growers first and foremost

YV Fresh is a network of dedicated and passionate Australian farmers specialising in producing Australia’s finest berries, cherries and other tasty fresh produce. YV Fresh utilises the experienced and innovative growing practices of our respected farmers to ensure only the highest standard of fresh fruits find their way to Australian consumers. The YV Fresh fruit basket includes summer and autumn raspberry varieties, blackberries, blueberries, kiwiberries, red currants, Ruhbi Red Bayberries, white and black cherries, and chestnuts.

Grown Here

John and Yola from their family farm: Jay Berries in Wandin, Victoria

Our mission is to deliver to our customers the best quality produce in premium condition. By utilising best farming practices in combination with cold chain management, we strive to ensure crisp YV Fresh produce is distributed nationally to major supermarkets, independent retailers and wholesale market agents.


YV Fresh and its growers work together as a team to ensure we stay up to date with new developments and improvements in fruit varieties, plant and farm management, growing techniques and food safety quality assurance programs to produce the best possible quality fruit for consumers to enjoy.

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