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Berry Filled Easter Egg

This dessert will be a massive hit with the kids … and the adults.


· Punnet of YV Fresh Raspberries (or your preferred YV Fresh berry/berries)

· Medium sized hollow easter eggs

· 600ml thickened cream

· Vanilla essence


1. Unwrap the top section of the egg, leaving the bottom half still wrapped to avoid fingerprints and to stop the egg from melting.

2. Dip a small sharp knife in boiling water and dry it. Cut small incisions across the top of the egg until you are able to remove the top.

3. Add cream into a bowl with a drop of vanilla essence and whip until soft peak consistent.

4. Unwrap the egg completely and rest in a deep bowl.

5. Fill the egg with the YV Fresh berries and top with cream.


TIP: For a more adult friendly dessert, add some liqueur to the whipped cream.


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