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1. One bad Berry spoils the barrel

It’s easy to miss a bad berry or two hiding out in the middle of the box even after thorough inspection. As soon as you notice any moldy or spoiled berries, be sure to toss them immediately. Mold spreads easily, so it’s best to remove any spoiled berries before they ruin the rest of the bunch.

2. Berry-wash!

When to wash berries all depends on the variety you have in hand. Most can be washed right away, although it’s crucial that they be thoroughly dried. There are some exceptions, like raspberries, which benefit from not being washed until just before they’re consumed.

3. COMBO PACK: Hot Water + Vinegar

  • Wash your berries with hot water


  • A solution of vinegar and water (one cup of vinegar + three cups of water) and then rinsing it lightly with cool water.

Both the methods extends the shelf life of the berries and keeps it fresh for a longer time!

4. Freezing your berry

Nothing beats fresh berries, even if you use them after six months of time. However, if you’ve got a bulk of berries in the house, the best place for some of them would be the freezer.

5. Overripen Berries

It’s common to get confused with those wrinkle berries which has more life in them, hence, it would be wise not to toss them away to get rid of them. The best way to store the overripen berries would be puréeing them, pouring it into an ice tray or jar and freezing them as berry cubes.

6. Bloom: A natural Coating

It’s also natural to confuse the waxy film coating the blueberries as pesticides or residues. It’s known as Bloom, which is a natural coating produced by the berries itself to protect it against insects and bacteria. It in-fact signifies the freshness of the berries!

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