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Intuitive Eating

Uh oh. Your favourite pair of jeans no longer fit, and you’re thinking about doing whatever it takes to squeeze yourself back into those pair of pants again. Suddenly, skipping dinner sounds like a good idea. Now that you think of it, maybe you’ll skip tomorrow’s breakfast also.

We want to look good and feel good about ourselves, and oftentimes that means we avoid certain kinds of food, restrict ourselves to small portions, or force ourselves to eat at certain times and starve at others. Truth is, dieting doesn’t lead to long term results and can be both physically and psychologically straining.

A better option: intuitive eating

Intuitive eating is a philosophy that puts you as the expert of your own body. It doesn’t impose rules about what you can and what you can’t eat; instead, it promotes a healthy attitude towards your body and food by letting you make those choices yourself; because you know your body best! The idea is simple: eat when you’re (physically) hungry and stop when you’re full. Sounds way better than dieting right? Let’s take a look at some other principles of intuitive eating.

  • Get yourself out of the diet mentality - You’re not on diet, and you don’t have to be.

  • Respond to your hunger - Feed your body when you’re hungry; there's a higher chance you'll overeat if you don't

  • Don’t make food your enemy - Get rid of the idea that certain foods are good or bad, or that you should stick to certain kinds of food and avoid others.

  • Excercise - Find activities you enjoy and focus on feeling energized and healthy rather than losing weight.

  • Eat foods that taste good and make you feel good - Healthy options can taste good, and remember that a meal or a snack won’t ruin everything; it’s the overall eating habit that matters.

Our fresh berries are always a great addition to a healthy diet. So whether or not you’re thinking about following the eating style, don't forget to include our range of products to your diet for the awesome health benefits!

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