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Berry Ice Cubes

It’s warm and sunny today in Melbourne, and with warmer days ahead, it seems like the perfect weather to start spending time outdoors and enjoy some cold drinks. But instead of going for sweet, syrupy beverages, why not stick with the plain H2O with berry filled ice cubes? The subtle berry flavouring can entice you to drink more water without adding the extra calories and make your daily hydration a bit more fun. All you need is some Y.V.Fresh berries, an ice cube tray and water. Here's what to do.


  1. Place some Y.V.Fresh berries into the holes of the ice cube tray. Add water and freeze for approximately 1 hour.

  2. Add the ice cubes to a glass or jar of water and enjoy!

You can get creative with your own fruit combinations or try the ones below:

  • Raspberry and lemon

  • Blackberry and basil

  • Blueberry and lavender

  • Raspberry and mint


  • Silicone ice cube trays can hold extra volume and are easier to use, but regular plastic trays would work as well.

  • Stick with one combination per glass or pitcher; too many combinations can make the water taste funny.

  • Use filtered water for fresh tasting cubes; you can also make the cubes with sparkling water to spruce them up a bit.

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