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Reasons you should try Kiwiberries

You’re probably not alone if you haven’t tried (or haven’t even heard of) kiwiberries yet. They might look a bit funny, and make you slightly confused, but we really want you to try them. Here are some of the reasons why.

They may be one of the most nutritious fruits on the planet

This vitamin rich superfruit is packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, fibre, calcium along with antioxidants. Snacking on these little guys can help reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and slows down the process of aging. Some other health benefits include:

  • Reduction of high blood pressure and hypertension

  • Anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties

  • Good for maintaining blood pressure levels, red blood cells and nervous system

  • Support healthy bone, teeth, skin and vision

They’re like Kiwi fruits, but better

Tired of having to slice kiwis open to scoop out the fruit? This pint-size fruit is fuss-free and can be eaten whole. They are small in size with smooth and edible skin, making them perfect as portable snacks. Kiwiberries are sweeter and more acidic compared to kiwi fruits. They’re great on their own, or in sweet and savoury recipes and cocktails. Kiwiberries are best eaten soft when they are sweetest. Plus, they’re adorable.

They’re only available for a short period of time

These little guys have a very short season and also don’t last very long after being picked from the trees. You can find our delicious Kiwi berries through the month of March in your local Woolworths, Coles and Costco. Be sure to grab them next season when you can!

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