5 ways to eat Chestnuts!

June 7, 2019



Chestnuts are versatile morsels and are the perfect way to keep you warm this winter. Enjoyed either sweet or savoury here are 5 ways you can enjoy your delicious Y.V. Fresh chestnuts:


1. Snack


For an easy on-the-go snack, simply microwave ‘Y.V Fresh’s Ready to Cook Chestnuts’, peel the skin and add butter. You could skip the butter but we think a little butter makes everything more rich, creamy and indulgent!


2. Soup


Take advantage of those robust, earthy chestnut flavours with a wholesome soup. Puree your chestnuts and combine with root vegetables like potatoes to produce a thick, delightful bowl of warmth. This is a sensational way to keep warm and feed your family something delicious for the stomach and soul! 


3. Filling


Another great thing about chestnuts is how culturally diverse they can be. Because of its texture and unique nutty flavour, you can incorporate them into your healthy San Choy Bow (Chinese lettuce cups) or tasty Greek Traditional Turkey stuffing and more!  



4. Sweet treats galore


Got a sweet tooth? So, do we.


Self-saucing puddings, mont blanc, chestnut tarts, gelato and chocolate chestnut cakes are just some - of the plethora of delectable desserts that you can prepare with chestnuts. Chestnuts possess a natural hearty sweetness that makes them a fantastic ingredient in rich desserts. Also, chestnuts + chocolate = heaven. 


5. Cream


Blend your Y.V Fresh chestnuts to produce the ultimate nutty cream, long adored by families in Europe for generations. Known in France as “creme de maroons”, chestnut cream is enjoyed as a spread on toast, waffles, crepes and used in mousses and other more extravagant desserts to produce an addictively indulgent creamy taste.



Stay tuned for some more delicious chestnut recipes - coming soon to our blog!


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