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Health benefits of chestnuts

Digestive health

Chestnuts reduce cholesterol levels and stabilise blood sugar levels. They also reduce the risk of constipation and intestinal complications such as diverticulosis.

Increased energy levels

Chestnuts contain high amount of carbohydrates, which are needed for short and long term energy. They can also help with nervous system function

Increased brain function

Chestnuts contain fat soluble B vitamins that promote healthy skin, produce red blood cells and improve brain function.

Stronger bones

Chestnuts contain copper, which is a trace mineral that enhances bone strength and boosts the immune system.

Decrease risk of developing disease

Chestnuts contain manganese, which is a trace mineral that fights off free radicals in the body and reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. It also plays a key role in the ageing process and helps prevent blood - clotting.

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