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Save the Planet - what to do with excess fruit

Reducing waste is crucial today more than ever before, however humans are often habitually trained to buy more than they need. We go through some ways you can use up your surplus of berries without throwing them out. These tips are not only great for you but also for mother nature!

1. Freeze them

Rather than throwing away a surplus of berries, it would be berry wise to portion them into freezer bags along with other fruit like banana chunks. When you need a quick breakfast or pre-gym snack, just whip out the frozen fruits and pour them into a blender, along with juice or milk for a healthy smoothie treat!

2. Use the entire fruit

Did you know that berries with leafy tops like strawberries can be eaten in its entirety?! Blitz the entire fruit in a smoothie and you will reap extra vitamins and fibre. Eating the skin of fruits rather than peeling them can also be very beneficial. For example, using lemon zest along with the flesh itself can add a nice zing to your dish and also extra vitamins.

3. Bake or decorate with them

Use your excess berries in a baked treat for a sweet element of surprise! Either freeze them to use in a cake or muffin batter or cook them into a compote for a lovely sauce to drizzle over your baked goods.

4. Blend them

If you want to have your excess fruit in a fuss free way, just simply place them in a blender and enjoy the juice and pulp for texture and good fibre. It’s perfect on a hot summer’s day and another great way to have your daily dose of fruit.

5. Roast them

If your berries have had a bit too much loving and are overripe, not a problem! Place them in the oven with some honey and watch them become perfectly sweet and vibrant for an addition on your rhubarb and strawberry crumble or a topping for your granola!

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