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Benefits of chestnuts

Its chestnut season and these little tree nuts have more health benefits than you may think !

Maintain blood flow rate

Chestnuts are rich in potassium so can be very useful for benefiting blood and maintaining blood pressure as it controls the movement of water in your body. It acts in maintaining the blood flow rate and relieve tension from your contracted blood vessels, which means it improves your overall heart health and reduces the chances of heart stroke or heart attack.

Antioxidant agent

It has a substantial amount of Vitamin C, ellagic acid and gallic acid which made it make it an antioxidant in nature agent. It discourages the development of mutation in your cell by providing you excellent response against any foreign invaders and can keep you away from illness.

Aids diabetes

The dietary content of chestnuts help in the management of diabetes as it raises the level of blood sugar level slowly as compared to other glycemic food.

Promote healthy thyroid function

The ellagic acid in chestnuts supports adequate thyroid function. It helps those who are suffering from overactive thyroid function and hyperthyroidism by suppressing the abnormal hormone production

Improve brain function

Brain function and cognition are improved in a number of ways through the consumption of chestnuts as they are rich in the B family vitamins which are directly linked to proper neurological development and function. The potassium content in chestnuts also increases blood flow to the brain, thus increasing concentration, retention and memory.

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