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Ciabatta, brie and berry bites

Whether you’re entertaining guests and need a quick appetizer, or you are treating yourself to a gourmet dessert after a long hard week at work; you can throw this delicious brie, berry and ciabatta bread recipe together in minutes and have everyone impressed.


Y.V.Fesh Strawberries

Brie cheese

Ciabatta bread

Y.V.Fesh Homemade raspberry jam Shelled Walnuts

Buy a large, fresh ciabatta bread from your local bakery. Slice the bread into one centimeter thick pieces and place on a serving plate.

Spread a decent layer of raspberry jam over the slices of bread. We used our homemade jam recipe, made from Y.V.Fresh raspberries, cinnamon and sugar. You can find the recipe for the homemade jam here.

Take your wheel of brie and cut the cheese into thick slithers. Place the cheese slithers on top of your ciabatta bread.

Wash and dry a punnet of Y.V.Fresh strawberries. Cut them in quarters and place on top of your ciabatta bites.

Put the shelled walnuts in a plastic zip lock bag and crush them using a heavy object. Sprinkle the crushed walnuts on top of your ciabatta, brie and berry combo.

The brie will make this flavoursome appetizer creamy without overpowering the taste of the berries whilst the walnuts will ensure a delightful crunch when you bite into the ciabatta bite.


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