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Raspberry, Nutella crepes

Raspberry, Nutella crepes are an easy to make dessert that the whole family will love!

You will need:

  • 1 cup Flour

  • 2 Egg

  • 1 Milk

  • 1 tablespoon castor sugar

  • Butter

  • 250 gram Y.V.Fresh raspberries

  • Nutella

  • Icing sugar


To begin, wash, dry and place your fresh Y.V.Fresh raspberries to the side.

Sift flour in a large bowl, then add milk, sugar and eggs. Beat the batter together using a hand held mixer. Make sure the mixture is as smooth as possible, before placing it through a strainer and into another bowl or jug.

Heat up your crepe pan or flat hot plate, big enough for the size of the crepe you want to make. Melt butter on top and then wipe away excess carefully, using a paper towel.

Using a ladle pour crepe batter onto the pan and tilt it around until a thin layer of batter has formed into a large circle. If there is any excess batter make sure you pour it back into the bowl.

Once the bottom side of the crepe has turned a golden colour and no longer sticks to the pan, flip it around, allowing it cook on the other side.

Once both sides become light brown in colour, take the crepe off the heat.

Place your crepes on a plate and drizzle nutella over the top, before adding your raspberries and a dusting of icing sugar.

Fold your crepes up and enjoy!

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