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Y.V.Fresh Exposed: Kiwiberries

Our Kiwiberries are in season through the month of March and we thought we would share with you some things you ought to know about them!

What are Kiwiberries?

Kiwiberries are a funny fruit if you have never seen them before. They are the size of a large grape, with a bright green, edible skin. When bitten into, the inside is sweet and juicy with vibrant green flesh and black seeds, giving it the same look as the common kiwi fruit. This is where its name, Kiwiberry comes from.

Where are Kiwiberries grown?

Y.V.Fresh Kiwiberries are grown on farms accross Victoria, Australia.

How are Kiwiberries grown?

Kiwiberry trees are a tough plant that can survive for over 50 years when taken care of properly. To grow its fruit, it needs well draining soil, sunlight and water. A Kiwiberry plant can produce fruit for over 30 years, making it quite a sustainable tree for farmers.

When are Kiwiberries ready to be eaten?

Kiwiberries are ready to be eaten when they have grown to the size of a large grape and are a vibrant green colour. They are best eaten when soft as they are sweeter in flavour, and need to be eaten quickly after harvesting as they are a delicate fruit and may bruise easily.

Why are Kiwiberries good for you?

Like other members of the berry family, the Kiwiberry is considered a superfood due to the many vitamins, minerals and unusually high level of antioxidants. They also carry five times the amount of vitamin C than the average orange and also carry important nutrients like vitamin E, folic acid, fibre, potassium and chromium.

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