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Y.V.Fresh Exposed: Strawberries

What are Strawberries?

Strawberries are a bright red fruit dotted with miniscule white seeds. Their bright red exterior matches their sweet, juicy inner flesh.

Where are Strawberries grown?

Y.V.Fresh strawberries are grown and handpicked in Victoria, Australia.

How are Strawberries grown?

Y.V.Fresh strawberry plants are grown by evenly spacing the plants a few feet away from each other. They are planted in soil, rich in nutrients and prefer more acidic land than a neutral pH. Our strawberry plants are then watered in well draining areas and the sunlight does the rest of the growing job, before our pickers begin the task of choosing the best strawberries to pluck and package.

When are Strawberries ready to be eaten?

Our strawberries are ready to be eaten when they grow to a healthy size and change from green to the bright red colour everyone know and loves. Ripe strawberries are sweet and juicy when bitten into, as opposed to a strong sour taste when they aren’t fully ripe

Why are Strawberries good for you?

Strawberries are good for our bodies as they provide us with a healthy dose of vitamin C are great for digestion as they contain dietary fibre. Other nutrients found in strawberries are manganese, which promotes a good nights sleep and antioxidants which aid in fighting disease.

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