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Berry n' Cheese Combinations

Berries are a highly versatile fruit, they can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. When it comes to afternoon snacks or canapés everyone loves a cheese board and here at Y.V.Fresh we do to and have come up with our favourite cheese and fresh berry pairings for a new twist.

Blackberry: Stilton Blue, Manchego, Triple Creme, Camembert , Goat or Feta


Blackberries are known for their sweet but tart bite therefore need to be paired with a full flavoured creamier cheese balance out the tart flavours.

Raspberry: Parmigiano-Reggiano, Brie, Cream Cheeses


Raspberries are sweet and flavoursome. This is why they should be paired with cheeses that are subtle in flavour and not overpowering to let the raspberry flavour shine!

Blueberries: Goat, Stilton or Manchego


Blueberries have a soft subtle sweetness and are best suited to a sharper cheese to increase their sweetness.

Cranberries: Goat, Camembert, Triple Creme or Brie


Similar to Blackberries Cranberries pack a tart punch! This is why they should be paired full flavoured creamy cheeses to balance each other out.

Not only do fresh berries when paired with different cheeses transform your palate but they also make your cheese board look lavish and decadent (without the hassle). Trial some of the combinations above today.

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