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Y.v.fresh exposed: Blush cherries

This week Y.V.Fresh ‘Exposed’ looks at our beautiful Blush Cherries. Keep reading below to get to know more about these bright beauties.

What: Are Blush Cherries?

Blush cherries are a decent sized cherry. They are round with a yellow and red colour, swirled together to make it look as if the cherries are “blushing”. When bitten into, a sweet yellow flesh encases a small pip in the middle of the berry. Blush cherries are considered a luxury berry.

Where: Are Blush Cherries Grown?

Y.V.Fresh Blush Cherries are grown and handpicked in Victoria, Australia.

How: Are they Grown?

Blush Cherry trees must be sewed with a fair amount of space between each plant. This is because the trees reach the height of 30 to 35 feet with their branches expanding to around a metre and a half. They can adapt to many types of soils and need watering, sunlight, and nutritious soil to grow their fruit. In saying this, Blush Cherry trees, like most berries, are sensitive to wind, heavy rain and large amounts of sun.

When: Are they ready to be eaten?

Because of their colour, Blush cherries are often mistaken for under ripe red cherries. This is not the case however as Blush Cherries are ready to be eaten when their colour is a swirl of red and yellow.

Why: Are they good for you?

Blush cherries carry many nutrients that your body needs. These include vitamin A and C, potassium, fibre and small amounts of iron and calcium.

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