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Y.V.Fresh Exposed: Blackberries

What are Blackberries? Blackberries are a small fruit, with a thin skin and a soft bubble like texture. These ‘bubbles’ are referred to as drupelets. Blackberries are a juicy fruit and have a sweet and slightly tart flavour when bitten into.

Where are Blackberries grown?

Y.V.Fresh Blackberries are grown and handpicked in Victoria, Australia.

How are Blackberries grown? Y.V.Fresh Blackberries are grown in a similar method to most of our fruit. The main conception is plenty of sunshine, fertiliser and water. Although the plants can thrive in shade, too much of it will result in the bush not producing any fruit. It is also important that Blackberry plants are planted in soil that is not heavy clay or sand to encourage good drainage. If cared for properly, Blackberry plants can keep on producing fruit for 15 to 20 years.

When are Blackberries ready to be eaten? Blackberry plants unfortunately do not produce fruit within their first year. This means we must wait until their second year to have blackberries ready for the picking. Blackberries are ready to be picked when they have turned from a red hue to a dark purple, almost black colour. This happens in late November to early December in Victoria. This can depend on if the weather stays cooler for longer than usual after winter.

Why are Blackberries good for you?

Blackberries, like their berry counterparts are considered a ‘superfood’ due to the high health benefits they contain. They are one of the richest foods in antioxidants and are especially high in Polyphenol, a cancer fighting antioxidant. Blackberries are an anti-inflammatory food and high in manganese, which is important for a healthy body and good brain function .

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