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Y.V.Fresh Encourages Naturally Grown Fruit

The growers of fresh fruit at YV Fresh are committed to supplying a product that tastes good and is good for you.

Integrated Pest Management is a program that monitors for pests and diseases to determine the best result for a clean green product. The objective is to use nature’s good insects as much as possible and minimise the use of pesticides.

Fruit is grown in the natural surrounds of the area. This means that there are insects that help in the natural pollination and protection from pest insects in the orchard. Sometimes it is necessary to introduce a beneficial insect to keep the balance of nature and sometimes there are insects just flying through that do no damage to the crop.

All efforts are made by pickers and packers to have fruit free of insects for the consumer but sometimes there may be some small non-harmful insects that get missed. We believe it is much healthier to have some friendly insects instead and minimise insecticides used.

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