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'Ugly' Fruits

Have you ever grabbed a piece of fruit and deemed it too ugly to eat? Oversized blueberries, discoloured blackberries and strawberries of all shapes and sizes are thrown out all too often, as consumers are put off eating “ugly fruit”.

This has become such an issue, that many grocery stores simply will not buy fruit from farms that do not hold the cosmetic standards that consumers require. Farmers and the like are now forced to throw away perfectly healthy and edible fruit.

What must be taught is the reason the fruit grows in an awkward shape is simply caused by soil conditions and weather temperatures. In nature everything will not always be perfect.

The ‘ugly’ fruit is safe to eat and still carries the same taste and nutritional value that a normal looking piece of that fruit does.

The act of throwing out “ugly” produce has lead to a large amount of wastefulness worldwide. We are trying to change the notion that fruit that has grown in a different shape is inedible due to taste.

Sometimes the best things in life are imperfect!

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