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What Spring Does For Our Plants

Spring has sprung in Australia and although some parts may still be feeling the cold, there is no doubt the weather has changed as we head into the later part of the year.

So why the change in the weather, and what does it mean for our plants and trees at Y.V.Fresh? As the Earth turns and the southern hemisphere draws closer towards the Sun, our part of the world becomes warmer and sets off photosynthesis for our plants and trees.

Plants need sunlight, warmth, water and fertile soil to grow. The spring weather is mother nature's way of beginning this growing process.

As Spring begins, the weather is noticeably more windy and rainy. The wind is nature’s way of pushing the pollen out of the flowers and into the air to be carried away from the plant into a new area to grow. The mass amount of rain that comes along in Spring is to push the seeds into the ground and begin the growing and feeding process of the plant.

Once the seed is imbedded into the ground the growing process begins. The change of season from Winter to Spring brings along with it longer days. The longer days are meant for plants to be able to absorb more sunlight throughout the day. This allows the plants to grow quicker and stronger.

Rich, fertile, soil like you will find on Y.V.Fresh farms, is the last thing our plants need to grow strong and healthy over the Spring Months. By summer the sweet, juicy berries are ready to be eaten.

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