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Y.V.Fresh Exposed: Lemons

High in nutrients and versatile within cooking, Y.V.Fresh Lemons are in season right now! Keep reading below to find out more about another one of our amazing fruits!

What: Are Lemons?

Lemons are a yellow fruit averaging the size of a tennis ball. They have a thick, bright yellow outer skin that encases a juicy centre. Lemon skin has a zesty bitter taste while its juicy interior is sour.

Where: Are Lemons Grown?

Y.V.Fresh lemons are grown in Victoria and are in season or readily available for most of the year.

How: Are they Grown?

Lemon trees, unlike their berry counterparts, do not need much sunlight to flourish. Therefore lemons are available for most of the year. They do however thrive more in the warmer months and are thought to have originated from India where there is a warmer climate. Lemon trees can be grown from a seed or grafting a cutting from an existing tree onto the root of a tree in the citrus family. For the most part, lemon trees are tolerable to many conditions, however leaving a lemon tree in soggy water can cause its roots to rot.

When: Are they ready to be eaten?

Lemons are ready to be eaten when their skin turns from a green colouring to bright yellow. The softer they become the more they are ready to be eaten, however they tend to stay more so on the firm side. Lemon trees can start producing the fruit up to 15 years after first planting the tree, which is a drawback to the plant. This is fine however because that is when Y.V.Fresh lemons come in handy as out trees have been established for many years.

Why: Are they good for you?

Although Lemons are acidic, they form alkaline within the body, which helps in keeping our pH in balance. Lemons are also great for your liver as they help cleanse the ‘bad toxins’ within it. Most notably however, lemons are high in vitamin C.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our lovely lemons! Make sure you look out for Y.V.Fresh lemons next time you are doing the weekly shop.

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