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Y.V.Fresh Exposed: Redcurrants

This week Y.V.Fresh ‘Exposed’ looks at our beautiful Redcurrant berries. Keep reading below to get to know more about these little, bright beauties.

What: Are Redcurrants?

Redcurrant berries are small, round and bright red in colour. Like blueberries, redcurrants have a thin, edible outer skin that encompasses a sweet, tangy flesh. Tiny seeds are found inside redcurrants and are so small, they are barely tasted when eaten. Redcurrants are a member of the gooseberry family and their scientific name is Ribes Rubrum. Redcurrants are often used as decorative pieces particularly during the festive season.

Where: Are Redcurrants Grown?

Y.V.Fresh redcurrants are grown and handpicked in farms across Victoria.

How: Are they Grown?

Redcurrants are grown in groups of clusters off elongated stems that sprout from the plant they grow on. The redcurrant bush can grow up to two metres tall and will start producing berries within 1-3 years of the bush being planted. Like most plants, fertilizer, water and sunlight are the key ingredients to growing redcurrants, however they do not require as much sunlight as most of their berry counterparts do. During the winter, it is important to cut away the old stems the berries grew out of so that the new stems grow in time for the new season.

When: Are they ready to be eaten?

Redcurrants ripen during summer and ready to be eaten when the berries become firm, juicy and have turned into a bright red colour. They are a balance of sweet and tart in flavour as they are an acidic berry.

Why: are they good for you?

Redcurrants are a type of ‘superfruit’ due to the many vitamins they encompass. The berry is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help to get rid of the bad toxins that may enter the body through the consumption and absorption of its surroundings. Redcurrants are also a good supply of vitamins C and K, manganese and potassium.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the beautiful, bright, red currants. Look out for Y.V.Fresh Redcurrants this summer at your major supermarkets.

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