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Facts about Chestnuts!

Australian Chestnuts are in season through to the end of July, so what better way to get to know this soft, creamy nut than with some fun facts about Chestnuts! Keep reading below to find out more!

  • There are approximately 300 Chestnut growers across Australia.

  • Chestnuts are encased in two sets of shells. The outer shell is spiky and prickly, which encases the chestnut whilst it is still on the tree. The second shell is the one we see when we buy our chestnuts which is smooth and shiny.

  • Chestnuts will fall of the tree when they are ripe enough to be eaten.

  • You must pick up the chestnuts up off the ground within two days of them falling off the tree in order for them to still be in a good enough condition to eat.

  • Most chestnuts (75%) are grown in the Alpine Region of North East Victoria.

  • Chestnut trees were first introduced to Australia during the 1850’s gold rush. This is why to this day, the majority of Chestnuts are grown in Victoria.

  • Greek and Italian immigration in the 1900’s saw many more Chestnut trees being planted as they proved to be popular amongst the European settlers.

  • There are many varieties of Chestnuts. Some of these include Bouche de Betizac, Red Spanish, Buffalo Queen, Purtons Pride and De Coppi Marone.

  • Australia produces around 1,200 tonnes of fresh Chestnuts per season!

  • There are many ways to cook a chestnut. This includes roasting, boiling and even microwaving this delicious nut so they can be warm when bitten into!

Have you bought a batch of Y.V.Fresh Chestnuts this season? What is your favourite way of consuming this deliciously unusual nut? Let us know on our social media channels.

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