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Australian Persimmons are now in season so we thought we’d let you know a little bit more about this delicious and unusual fruit.

  • Persimmons have a sweet, vanilla like flavour.

  • When biting into Persimmons be careful! Some may have a stone in the middle and some may not.

  • It is part of the Diospyros tree family.

  • Y.V.Fresh Persimmons are grown in Silvan and Euroa in Victoria.

  • The most popular Persimmon is the Japanese Diospyros kaki.

  • Placing Persimmons in the fridge to keep them fresh keeps them anything but! They end up turning a brown colour, so best to keep them at room temperature.

  • They are best eaten when firm.

  • The Diospyros kaka has many different names. Some of them are: Japanese persimmon, Chinese persimmon, kaki, kaki persimmon, and Oriental persimmon.

  • The Persimmon tree can grow to over 10 metres tall

  • In Korea, Persimmons are called ‘Gam’ and they are eaten as a dessert or served to guests when visiting.

  • In parts of Asia, the Persimmon or ‘kaki’ is used to heal fevers, stomach ailments, and coughs.

  • You can eat persimmons with or without the skin

  • Y.V.Fresh grow the Fuyu Persimmon which are non astringent.

We hope you enjoyed reading about this tasty fruit. Make sure to look out for them in the fresh fruit section next time you are at your local supermarket.

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