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Quirky Berry Facts

Here at Y.V.Fresh we love everything about our berries, from the growing process to the final product on your plate. They are interesting little pieces of nature that all have their own habits and quirks to them so we thought we might share some of our favourite ‘quirky berry facts’ that you may not have heard before!

  • It has been said that blackberries can help alleviate stomach problems like nausea. They are rich in the polyphenol, tannin. Tannins help in tightening the tissues, alleviating inflammation and ailments regarding the stomach. Some have even been given to cancer patients upon receiving chemo to reduce side effects.

  • Strawberries are known to be a natural teeth whitener. Eat a bowl of strawberries and wake up with pearly whites! They have also been known to treat headaches. They contain natural salicylates, which is an ingredient that’s found in aspirin.

  • Sun protecting blankets are put over the blackberry orchards on clear sky days so they don’t sunburn, yes you heard us right, blackberries can get burnt!

  • There are over 200 different kinds of species of our beloved raspberry.

  • Finding an alive bug in your punnet is actually the best way to tell your berries aren't covered in chemicals. We call it #lovethebug, why? Because if a bug can eat them and still alive, well they must be fresh!

  • Blueberries make your smarter! Well, they do improve your memory. These guys are the perfect study snack to improve your learning.

Know of any other quirky facts? Leave a comment below!

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