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Buying Australian made is important

Y.V.Fresh supports homegrown products. Here are some reasons why you should be buying Australian made.

Supports farmers, Producer and Regions

Buying Australian made produce helps elevate the economy as it supports our local farmers and rural industry by providing them with continuous work.


There is a high level of safety when buying Australian products. The Australian government strictly regulates the agricultural and farming sector. This is done to keep the food process clear of certain chemicals and biological contaminants. Failure to comply with these standards will prevent producers from selling their product on the Australian market.


Australia has an advanced system in place in order to trace produce in regards to where it has come from and the logistics involved in taking it from point A to B. This allows transparency between growers and customers as to the safety of what they are consuming. It is a feature not guaranteed from overseas imports.

Lower greenhouse emissions

A report from the Australian government has stated that farming and agriculture is the only sector in the economy to reduce greenhouse emissions in the last 20 years. A big part of this is because logistically products do not have to travel overseas and then be further transported within Australia to get to supermarkets, therefore cutting emissions.

Fresher and Tastier

As Australian products do not have to go through rigorous transportation to get to stores, the goods are generally fresher and tastier than imported products. To put it into perspective Y.V.Fresh berries are in stores ready to be bought within 3 days of being picked, packaged and transported; giving buyers the freshest product possible.

Support fair work

Buying Australian made supports fair work conditions such as wages, health and safety and any extra benefits provided by or standardised by the federal government.

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