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Supporting Our Farmers

Y.V.Fresh was formed as a co-op farming community, to act as a support system to Australian berry farmers working within a competitive industry. We work together with upwards of 20 farms around Australia, all specialising in growing different types of berries.

This system allows Y.V.Fresh and the farmers to work together and communicate one another’s knowledge on agronomic information, which includes plant genetics, plant physiology, meteorology, and soil science.

Working together allows a regular review processes to occur as well as general meetings to exchange information between farmers. It is in our belief that working together is better than working alone.

The communication also means that everyone under Y.V.Fresh is well aware of all the food safety and quality assurance regulations and any changes that may occur within these legislations.

This lowers time and money spent for all farmers associated with Y.V.Fresh and allows more time spent on delivering the best quality produce in premium condition to Australians.

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