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Kiwi-berries have just come into season and we are here to tell you a bit about our unusual fruit! The kiwi-berry is the size of a grape with a thin, smooth, edible outer skin. The inside is sweet and juicy with vibrant green flesh and black seeds, giving it the same look as the common kiwi fruit.

Now here are some fun facts about the Kiwi-berry!

  • Its technical name is “Actinidia Arguta”

  • Kiwi-berries look like grapes on the outside and Kiwi fruit on the inside.

  • The whole fruit is edible.

  • They are a delicate fruit and need to be eaten quickly after harvesting.

  • Kiwi-berries have been medically used to treat asthma.

  • The kiwi-berry plant can survive for more than 50 years.

  • The Kiwi-berry plant produces fruit for over 30 years.

  • Kiwi-berries have an usually high level of antioxidants for such a small fruit, making it good for your overall health.

  • Kiwi-berries have five times as vitamin C as the average orange.

  • Your body absorbs more vitamin E from a few Kiwi-berries than a whole avocado.

  • Other nutrients in kiwi berries include folic acid, fibre, potassium and chromium.

  • The Kiwi-berry is considered a super snack due to its many nutrients packed into a small fruit.

  • A thousand tonnes of Kiwi-berries are produced in a year.

  • The Kiwi-berry is produced Australia as well as Italy, Chile and New Zealand.

  • It grows the best in cooler temperatures.

This delicious fruit is now available in Coles stores around Victoria. Make sure you check your local stockists so you don’t miss out!

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