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Y.V.Fresh Breakfast of Champions

The new year is in full swing and for those who are feeling tired and finding it hard to concentrate on work after the holiday season, we thought we would share with you one of our favourite breakfasts, berry toast. This easy to make meal will keep you full and provide your body with valuable vitamins and nutrients to help your mind refocus.

Y.V.Fresh blackberries and Greek Yoghurt

This sweet and tangy option is not only tasty, it also packs an array of health benefits. The blackberries are high in vitamins, antioxidants and manganese, giving your body an energy boost. The protein from the yoghurt ensures that you are kept full for a longer period of time.

Y.V.Fresh Strawberries and Honey

Not giving into a sweet craving after weeks of indulging can be hard. That is why this strawberry, honey toast combination is so good. You are able to suffice your sweet tooth without feeling bad as you are also gaining valuable nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamin C and dietary fibre from the strawberries while honey acts as a natural energy source.

Y.V.Fresh Raspberries and peanut butter

For a crunchy, sweet and juicy brekky, spread a healthy helping of crunchy peanut butter over your toast and top off with Y.V.Fresh Erika raspberries. This breakfast contains vitamins, antioxidants and minerals from the raspberries, that assist in heart health, diabetes and for providing brainpower. The peanut butter ensures your first meal of the day is full of healthy fats and fibre.

Y.V.Fresh Blueberries, Greek yoghurt and chia seeds

For our last berry toast combination, we have added three superfoods together to create the ultimate ‘back to work’ brekkie. Y.V.Fresh Blueberries are nutrient dense and contain a large amount of Vitamin C and K. These two vitamins are great for rejuvenating the body's organs as well as keeping bones healthy. The chia seeds will provide your body with omega 3 whilst the greek yoghurt helps in providing your body with potassium. This helps to balance out all the extra sodium that was consumed during the festive period.

Have you tried berry toast? Let us know on our social media sites!

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