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Y.V. Fresh Exposed: Ruhbi Red Bayberries

This week on ‘Y.V.Fresh Exposed’ we take a look at the quirky looking Ruhbi Red Bayberry.

What are Ruhbi Red Bayberries?

RuhbiRed Bayberries are a round fruit with a soft, pebbly, waxy, exterior. The deep red colour seen on the outside of the berry matches the colour of its pulp. There is a small pip inside the middle, just like a cherry, so be aware when biting into them! When bitten into, the taste of the Ruhbi Red Bayberry is light, sweet and tangy.

Where are Ruhbi Red Bayberries grown?

Y.V. Fresh Ruhbi Red Bayberries are grown and packed in Victoria and Western Australia.

When are Bayberries ready to be eaten?

Ruhbi Red Bayberries are ready to be eaten when they turn from a yellow colour to a deep red and lightly soften. They can be eaten as is, or like most berries, be cooked into meals and made into jams and sauces. In China, Red Bayberry leaves are also dried and used in making tea.

Why are Ruhbi Red Bayberries good for you?

Ruhbi Red Bayberries carry a large amount of health benefits. They are high in antioxidants and vitamin C and carry nutrients such as riboflavin, dietary fibre and many minerals.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the Ruhbi Red Bayberry. Have you tasted any before? We currently have only a small production of these unique berries, so please contact to find out where they are distributed.


® RUHBI is a registered trademark owned by Uniquest Pty Ltd

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